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SmartStream TLM® Support Roles
The main SmartStream TLM® roles supplied to customers is the experience that comes with 40 years of finance/banking and the 91/2 years David spent with SmartStream Technologies Limited (formally GEAC Computers). David with the other consultancy staff supplied by Alphaflag Limited cover all aspects of the TLM® product.

This covers but is not restricted to
Ø        Development of Schemas
Ø        Generation management and linking of KB’s (Knowledge Base)
Ø        Creation and deployment of triggers and “fetchit” scripts
Ø        The construction of static data and the auto loading of such
Ø        The auto proposal scripts to allow auto matching of “Generic” accounts where the SmartStream TLM® software does not support this process.
Ø        The creation and support of Cron jobs for the scheduling of the Auto propose scripts
Ø        The online configuration within the SmartStream TLM® product covering all of the components required to build release and support a productised or generic phase of a project

Components that we specialise in are

Ø        Generation of exception headers when a break is highlighted
Ø        Allowing of the ageing of breaks and maintaining of the audit trail of manual work attributed to those breaks
Ø        Advice on Category, Set, Message Feed, Groups and data segregation allowing construction of a good performing release

Online GUI build of all of the components required for the above build including but not limited to
Ø        Initiations
Ø        Pass list
Ø        Passes
Ø        Pass Quality Rules
Ø        Workflow tools and their associated components
Ø        Event Lists
Ø        Create Data Events
Ø        Population rules
Ø        Population Events
Ø        Edit events
Ø        Workflow Rules
Ø        Groups
Ø        Roles
Ø        User id and lead components
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SmartStream TLM® Support Roles
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