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Over the past six years David has complimented his teaching and interpersonal skills by qualifying as a Professional Association Of  Diving Instructors (PADI) Open Water Scuba Instructor, qualifying in March 2008 with Cydive in Paphos Cyprus. He is also a Open Water Instructor of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) qualifying in September 2010 and is a member of the BSAC City London SCUBA 1771 club based in Golden Lane EC2.

Both the PADI and BSAC Instructor levels David has achieved are recognised by the European Underwater Federation Accreditation as ISO standard compliant, EN 14413-2 / ISO 24802-2  

For further information on joining BSAC City London SCUBA please refer to the website above.

The PADI courses that David teaches are:-

Discover Scuba Diving
The basic Scuba course just covering the very basic use of the equipment in very shallow water
PADI Seal Team
This is a course for the adventitious children you may have in the family. Covering loads of fun activities in the pool environment, teaching basic skills, safety and contains 5 “Aqua missions”.
Open Water Diver
This course covers the basic level of diving with the use of DVD’s, manuals, knowledge reviews and classroom workshops. The incumbents get to practice the basic skills learnt in the classroom in the” confined water” lessons in the pool. This covers five different wet lessons cover all of the skills required to progress to open water environment.
The open water environment lessons cover the same basics skills, but this time in a more realistic environment, allowing the student to master external issues rather than the pool which allowed them to study with no distractions.
If a student wishes the first section of the course the classroom and pool work can be segregated for the “open water” and a referral can be supplied. This allows the incumbent to complete the second section anywhere at any PADI accredited dive centre around the world.
Advanced Open Water Diver
The next step up from the Open water diver.  This course covers all aspects of the deeper more adventurous diving. During this course specific type of dives are taught covering
Ø        Peak Performance Buoyancy
Ø        Enriched Air Dive
Ø        Digital Underwater Photography
Ø        Boat Dive
Ø        Drift Dive
Ø        Deep Dive
Ø        Underwater Navigation
Ø        Wreck Dive
Ø        AWARE Fish Identification
Ø        Multilevel and Computer diving
Ø        Search and Rescue
Rescue Diver
This covers the next level of rescue training. During the Open Water and the Advance Open Water courses the main aspect to safety was “self help” and “prevention”. This course covers how to help others. This covers a large syllabus and interfaces with the First Aid and CPR courses but will cover
Ø        The Psychology of Rescue
Ø        Being prepared for a Diver Emergency
Ø        Accident Management
Ø        Responding to Diver Emergencies  
Dive Master
The first level of professional qualifications, allowing the student to register with PADI as a professional diver.
The student is taught how to lead dives and guide qualified divers, becomes a assistant to fully qualified instructors and can teach some of the Advance open water components. As you can imagine this is a very big step on from the Advance Open water diver and covers many aspects of diving as well as the organisation skills and mentoring of others.
Speciality Diver Courses
These are specific to a particular subject and David can teach on the following
Ø        Boat Diver
Ø        AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation
Ø        Deep Diver
Ø        Drift Diver
Ø        AWARE – Fish Identification
Ø        Multilevel Diver
Ø        Peak Performance
Ø        Night Diver
Ø        Search and Rescue
Ø        Underwater Navigation
Ø        Wreck Diver 
Ø        National Geographic Diver

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