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First Aid

David Gosnell is a qualified ' Emergency First  Response' instructor,  can supply courses covering Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid). Other sections of the courses cover the administration andf the use of AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

These courses can be completed on site or  a venue to be agreed. They can be done using a full day program or with prior arrangements as an evening course over a period of weeks.

 The First Aid courses cover:-

As each group of individuals requirements are different, the full prices of each course are available upon request.

All courses allow the student to complete 'hands on practice' using manaquines of three different sizes, Adult, Child and infant.

Primary Care
The Eight Skills Learned in Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR)
Ø        Scene Assessment
Ø        Barrier Use
Ø        Primary Assessment
Ø        Adult CPR
Ø        Conscious and Unconscious Choking Adult
Ø        Serious Bleeding Management
Ø        Shock Management
Ø        Spinal Injury Management
Secondary Care
The Four Skills Learned in Emergency First Response Secondary (First Aid)
Ø        Injury Assessment
Ø        Illness Assessment
Ø        Bandaging
Ø        Splinting for Dislocations and Fractures
Care for Children
The twelve skills Learned in the Care for Children Primary and Secondary Care
Ø        Scene assessment and Barrier use
Ø        Primary Assessment
Ø        Child CPR
Ø        Infant CPR
Ø        Conscious Choking Child
Ø        Conscious Choking Infant
Ø        Serious Bleeding Management
Ø        Shock Management
Ø        Spinal Injury Management
Ø        Injury Assessment
Ø        Bandaging
Ø        Illness Assessment
The skills Learned in the AED use
Ø        Correct positioning and attachment
Ø        How to use the AED and control the immediate environment
Ø        How to record its use and the handover to EMS
Ø        Hand on use of manaquins and AED machines

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First Aid